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Safe operation of the intermediate frequency smelting furnace

Author : Hongteng Time: 2021-10-19

1. Electrical equipment, water cooling system, inductor copper pipe, and so on before opening, otherwise, do not open the furnace.

2. Furnace melting loss should be repaired in time. It is strictly forbidden to melt in the deep crucible

3. Power transmission and furnace opening should be responsible for special personnel after power transmission is strictly prohibited in contact with sensors and cables. Those on duty shall not leave their posts without authorization and shall pay attention to the external conditions of sensors and crucible.

4. When loading, check whether there are flammable, explosive, and other harmful items mixed in the charge. If it should be removed in time, it is strictly prohibited to add cold and wet materials directly into the molten steel, and the melting liquid is filled to the upper part.

5. It is strictly forbidden to mix iron chips and iron oxide when filling furnace and tamping crucible.

6. The pouring site and furnace pit should be free of obstacles, with no water, to prevent molten steel explosion.

7. Steel is not allowed to be filled too full, handbag pouring, two people should cooperate with the same, walking should be smooth, not to rush to stop, after pouring the remaining steel to pour into the designated place, strictly prohibited.

8. The generator room should be kept clean, flammable and explosive items and other sundries are prohibited into the room, indoor smoking is prohibited.

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