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Scrap aluminum smelting

Author : Hongteng Time: 2024-05-21

Reclaimed aluminum smelting equipment, also called aluminum melting furnaces, includes a reflection furnace, induction furnace, resistance furnace, etc.

Hongteng Induction Melting Furnace

Strictly speaking, the smelting equipment of recycled aluminum is the same as raw aluminum.

However, because the shape and size of waste aluminum are different, the burning loss of the small-size material is significant, and it has not even been melted in the furnace, that is, it has been oxidized.

Therefore, it is necessary to consider the oxidation burning loss and various requirements for the equipment for melting waste aluminum.

Although the melting point of aluminum is relatively low (660℃), its latent heat and specific heat of melting are large, so the heat required for aluminum melting is even higher than that of copper (963℃), indicating that energy saving in aluminum smelting is very important.

The aluminum melting furnace has a reflection furnace, induction furnace, resistance furnace, and so on.

Reflective furnace and radial and convection-flow aluminum melting furnace.

The fuel used in the reflector is natural gas, coal gas, heavy oil, and so on.

According to the geometric form, there are side-loading rectangular furnaces and top-loading circular furnaces, etc. In addition to resistance furnaces, the application of reflection furnaces and induction furnaces is expanding and improving constantly.

There are still many individual township enterprises in China using indigenous pit crucible boilers, with coal as fuel, so high energy consumption, serious burning loss, low yield, high labor intensity, and low productivity reasons, this is a method of elimination.

Induction smelting furnace editing

There are two kinds of induction melting furnaces with and without cores. The advantages of this kind of furnace are:

(1) less suction, less oxidation burning loss, the general metal aluminum burning loss is only about 0.5%. Raw material crushing hour is not 1%, for scrap aluminum only 5% at most.

(2) Strong magnetic force line stirring is produced during melting, the composition is uniform and the melting is fast, which is very beneficial to the crushed material.

(3) Low unit power consumption, and high thermal efficiency. Under normal circumstances, the power consumption is 380~450 kWh/ton, and thermal efficiency can reach 70%. The corresponding resistance furnace is 430~600 kWh/t and 50%.

(4) Small area, good operating environment

The disadvantage is that it is difficult to remove the aluminum in the trench when changing the variety of the trench induction furnace. The second is that the refractory in the track is scoured and peeled off by molten aluminum.

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