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Selection, purchase and use of induction melting furnace

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-12-30

Metals have different melting points. For example, steel melts at 1370 ℃. Therefore, controlling the power consumed by the induction furnace will help you melt the metal at the proper melting point. This will ensure that you produce a quality product.

Before buying an induction furnace for sale, make sure you are satisfied with the functionality of the induction melting furnace you choose.

Before the production of the newly purchased electric furnace, we need to carry out insulation test on the induction coil to check whether the coil is normal.

Before starting your electric furnace, check the furnace body, power supply, hydraulic pressure and cooling system to ensure that there is no problem with the equipment before starting the power supply.

The staff in front of the furnace must wear good labor protection equipment. Before the raw materials to be melted are put into the furnace body, the intermediate frequency power of the electric furnace is reduced, and the rated power is gradually increased after the metal raw materials are put into the furnace body.

During the smelting process, you must stay focused. The staff should pay attention to the changing condition of the furnace body, and deal with the problems in time to prevent the occurrence of major accidents.

Industrial induction furnaces have a custom induction heating coil suitable for different operating levels. These furnaces come in different sizes, the smallest of which usually require small material refraction.

If your business is small, it is recommended to buy a small induction furnace. We can determine your final choice based on your expected production scale.

Induction heating coils heat induction furnaces in a rapid manner that allows rapid heat generation. Rapid heating allows all metals to melt quickly. Isn’t this quality the ideal cue to buy an induction furnace to increase productivity?

Noise in production facilities can be annoying. Environmental laws and regulations may also force you to reduce noise levels at your foundry. Therefore, it is very important to check the noise level of induction furnace before purchasing.

Fortunately, our manufacturers are able to make stoves with the least noise.

The strength and durability of the induction furnace determines the quality of the furnace you purchase. You should ensure that the furnace you intend to purchase is of good quality and should be easy to maintain and install.

Maintenance personnel need to regularly check the furnace and power supply water temperature and pressure alarm system, and make a record to ensure the normal work of the water cooling system.

After the metal is finished melting, the liquid steel needs to be poured out. At this time, we must remember to cut off the power supply, and carefully operate to prevent the liquid steel from splashing, so as to avoid fire.

Induction furnace shell must be in good condition, good quality. A loose shell could lead to a catastrophic accident. If there are some loose parts in the furnace shell, your employees could suffer serious and life-threatening burns. A durable and high quality shell will maintain the quality of the furnace even under continuous heavy use.

There are many factors that come into play when determining the cost of an induction furnace. You should first ensure that the induction furnace is tailored to your needs and is in good condition. The ideal induction furnace should be easy to control and install.

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Video of the use process of the furnace

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