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15,000 Tons/Year Steel Rebar Production Line System Solution

Author : Hongteng Time: 2021-08-23

Project Overview

This project is located in Central Asia. Customers want to roll steel bars and thread bars with steel billets.

Continuous Rolling Mill Foundation Construction of 15000 ton per year steel rebar production line

Customer’s Request

      • The customer needs 2 finished products:

      • First, coiled steel bars with diameters ranging from 6 to 8mm;

      • Second, thread bars with a diameter ranging from 10 to 28mm and 4m in length;

      • Design output: 15,000T/Y;

      • Raw material: billet of 100mm x 100mm x 1,500mm

Questions & Challenges

      • Electricity: Customers can only provide industrial frequency power supply and cannot meet the electricity needs of the entire production line.

      • Land: Customers can only provide land for construction factories with less than 2500m2. The venue is too small to meet the land demand for large reinforced production lines.

      • Future Upgrading: Customers have also put forward the need to expand production scale on the basis of the current production line.

The harsh conditions of the client caused great difficulties in the smooth progress of the entire project and even reached a deadlock.


In order to ensure a real-time understanding of customer needs, our business manager organized relevant technical personnel to conduct video conferences with customers. After many studies and simulations, our engineers finally provide the following solutions for customers.

    • Floor area: 20m x 100m

    • Transformer capacity: 4,500KVA

    • Division of the factory area:

– Raw material area: 1 heating furnace

– Rolling area: one 400 billet mill and several continuous rolling mills

Hongteng continuous steel rolling production line

– Cooling zone: cooling bed and other necessary equipment

– Finished product area

Current State

The production line is currently doing some infrastructure of rolling mills.

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