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Smelting process and detail selection of medium frequency induction furnace

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-12-05

Medium frequency induction melting furnaces use electromagnetic heating for smelting, which is more efficient.

Unlike conventional melting systems, which take a long time to melt the metal, induction furnaces quickly heat up to high temperatures. Induction heating systems can do in a few hours what would normally take days because of their high heating efficiency.

The induction system is energy efficient. Induction heating system is not only very efficient in heating, but also very energy saving. Induction furnaces consume less energy than oil furnaces, while maintaining high temperatures. This makes production more cost-effective and the metal produced can be sold at a lower price.

Heating capacity produces better results. The heating capacity of induction melting furnaces is considered superior to that of other types of furnaces. Induction heating stoves can heat up to extremely high temperatures, while more traditional stoves struggle to reach those numbers. These high temperatures are what makes induction melting furnaces ideal for melting any type of precious metal.

What’s more, the intense heat generated by the induction furnace can be easily controlled by the professional who operates it. Traditional heating furnaces such as oil stoves usually require a lot of effort and sweat to control the higher temperatures.

Induction heating furnaces are used in a variety of applications in many different industries, but it is particularly useful for steelmaking.

How to find induction heating equipment? When buying an induction furnace, we need to observe some details.

Observe the aluminum capacitor model

The importance of capacitors needless to say, in addition to checking the aluminum row, observing the quality of aluminum shell capacitors is also an important matter when buying medium-frequency melting furnace.

Under normal circumstances, you can distinguish good from bad from appearance standard, weight, etc. You can also ask the merchant what type of aluminum shell capacitor is used on the equipment, and then refer to whether it meets the current quotation standard of the equipment.

Check whether the circuit breaker fits properly

Circuit breaker will be an important gateway to protect equipment, if the circuit breaker quality is not good, the consequences will be unimaginable.

So in the purchase of medium frequency melting furnace, the benefit of circuit breaker is also a crucial standard. And distinguish the circuit breaker is good or bad method is relatively simple, generally on the right side of a wooden handle, is the circuit breaker model standard. After checking, you can ask the electrician whether the circuit breaker equipped with the equipment is suitable.

Observe the thickness of other copper pipe products

After checking the above three items, don’t forget to check the thickness of the equipment copper pipe products. Generally, good copper pipe products can effectively reduce power consumption and improve efficiency.

The standard to distinguish between good and bad copper pipe is the thickness of copper pipe, and under normal circumstances, the thinner copper pipe will have a central depression phenomenon at the bend, and the thick copper pipe will not appear this phenomenon.

Check the reactor

The price difference of reactors is large, a small level will be thousands of yuan, and the good or bad of reactors can be distinguished by looking at the overall size, copper tube core size, thickness. In general, the thicker the copper tube, the better, and the thinner the silicon steel sheet.

Intermediate frequency melting furnace as a large casting equipment, if the quality of the accident occurred, the consequences are unimaginable. So when buying must be careful to choose, choose the products of reliable manufacturers.

Whether you want to use the induction furnace to make steel, iron or recycle precious metals, Luoyang Hongteng can provide you with the induction furnace you need.

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Video of the use process of the furnace

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