Lining, power and electricity consumption of medium frequency induction furnace

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-11-28

If the medium frequency induction furnace is melting metal, if it is melting steel, the temperature of liquid steel in the furnace can reach 1700℃ or above, and the temperature of liquid iron can reach 1500℃ or above.

In the melting furnace, the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the furnace wall is very large, about 10% ~ 15% of the heat is lost through the furnace wall. In order to reduce the heat loss and improve the thermal efficiency, the lining material should have low heat conductivity.

Therefore, the furnace lining material should have good refractibility, and the furnace lining material should be selected to meet the melting temperature or withstand partial and frequent high temperature according to the melting material.

At the same time, the lining material should have a low conductivity, can not contain magnetic induction, especially in the knotting process of the lining is not allowed to metal or strong conductivity substances included in it.

In the process of melting, the furnace wall should be subjected to the impact force of the metal charge, the static pressure of the metal liquid, the force of electromagnetic stirring the metal liquid movement, the thermal stress and other effects, which will affect the service life of the furnace lining, so the lining material should have a certain high temperature strength, no cracking and anti-erosion under the action of a variety of forces.

If the furnace lining is too thick, the induction coil at the bottom of the furnace is buried more, the furnace material is not good or the furnace material is not real, etc., the appropriate furnace lining material should be adjusted or replaced in time according to the selection method of the furnace lining material of the intermediate frequency furnace, and the daily maintenance and maintenance of the furnace lining should be done well.

When the induction furnace is working, sometimes the power of the equipment does not reach the standard situation, which will increase the furnace melting processing time, affecting the efficiency and quality of equipment production. Therefore, many details need to be adjusted, such as:

The rectifier part of the intermediate frequency furnace is not adjusted well, the rectifier tube is not fully switched on, and the DC voltage does not reach the rated value. At this time, the trigger circuit of the rectifier circuit of intermediate frequency furnace should be adjusted in time.

If the IF voltage is too high or too low, the power output will be affected. In this case, the IF voltage needs to be adjusted to the appropriate value.

If the operation closure and cut-off pressure value of the intermediate frequency furnace are not properly adjusted, it will also make the power output of the furnace lower. At this time, the closure and cut-off pressure value of the intermediate frequency furnace should be readjust.

Only the matching medium frequency power supply and furnace body can play its due role. Should check if the intermediate frequency power supply and furnace body matching, if not matching to timely replacement.

If the compensating capacitors are configured too much or too little, the economic power output of electrical and thermal efficiency will not be achieved. The compensating capacitors of the IF furnace should be reconfigured according to the rating of the IF power supply.

It is also very important to adjust the distributed inductance of the output loop of the intermediate frequency furnace equipment and the additional inductance of the resonance loop in time. Attention should be paid to neither too large nor too small, and the value should be kept normal.

For many users, how to reduce the power consumption of induction furnace is a very need to be solved. There are several ways to do this:

Keep the space layout as small as possible, which can shorten the connection lines of the production line, reduce the loss caused by current transmission, and complete the energy saving.

When designing the furnace body, we should choose the appropriate furnace body size and induction coil to ensure the smooth flow of current and improve the heating efficiency of induction coil.

Control the temperature of the liquid steel. This requires the operation personnel of the production line to pay attention to the working situation of the induction furnace at any time, find the right time to feed, to assist the mixing of steel and improve the smelting speed of metal.

Each manufacturer has its own production process and equipment materials. If some manufacturers use poor and thin copper materials, the electricity consumption of electric furnaces will be higher and higher. So we need to choose the right equipment manufacturer.

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