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Intermediate frequency induction automatic heating furnace

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-10-26

Medium frequency induction automatic heating furnace is a non – standard heating equipment which uses medium frequency induction heating to heat metal workpiece.

Equipped with automatic feeding system, plc control system and infrared temperature measurement system and other equipment, so that IF induction heating into automatic heating mode.

Here, Luoyang Hongteng editor to introduce this intermediate frequency induction automatic heating furnace.

Production process of intermediate frequency induction automatic heating furnace:

Sorting of workpiece storage platform → automatic feeding machine → roller transport → rhythm adjustment → cylinder pushing → inductor heating → infrared temperature measurement → large screen display → fast feeding machine → temperature sorting → forging hammer or press.

Medium frequency induction automatic heating furnace composition:

Medium frequency induction heating power supply, by rectifier and inverter thyristor, reactor, the main control line

Furnace body frame, mainly designed for inductor heating coil bracket, used to support inductor furnace head, including capacitor bank, waterway, circuit, gas path.

The induction heating system is composed of spiral induction coil, furnace lining material, furnace mouth plate, coil bottom support, cooling water way, etc.

Fast discharge device, short material generally adopts fast forward material, long material generally adopts clamp roller discharge.

Infrared temperature measuring system, infrared thermometer, display screen and touch screen control composition.

Cooling circulation system adopts HSBL closed cooling tower circulation cooling system.

Intermediate frequency induction automatic heating furnace features:

Induction heating power supply using silicon controlled frequency conversion technology, low power consumption, power can be used; It has fast heating speed, high efficiency and short heating time, so the combustion rate of oxide skin is only 0.5%-1%.

Full digital, high depth adjustable parameters, as long as the input workpiece steel type, size, equipment automatically call the relevant parameters, without manual record, consult, input. It has the function of high precision history curve. U disk or network backup, data can be stored for a long time.

Provide remote operating console with touch screen or industrial computer system according to user requirements.

PLC control system of man-machine interface, intelligent automation and adjustable parameters.

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Video of the use process of the furnace

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