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Use of intermediate frequency furnace after purchase

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-10-24

Today we are going to talk about the use of intermediate frequency furnace.

Before opening the medium frequency electric furnace, it is necessary to check the electrical equipment, water cooling system, inductor copper pipe, etc., only in the condition of these several equipment intact can the furnace be opened, to ensure the safety of heat treatment, otherwise it is forbidden to open the furnace.

Some customers call to consult that their home IF the furnace start more difficult, to see what is the cause of this, now has affected the production, about this fault, today red Teng old engineer to summarize for you to solve the problem of IF furnace start.

The difficulty in starting the intermediate frequency furnace is mainly caused by the following 4 aspects, which can be checked by themselves and repaired for solution.

There may be damage or breakdown of the components of the bridge arm on the inverter side.

We can use a multimeter to focus on checking the thyristor resistance value; Check the resistance and capacitance absorption, whether the circuit capacitor breakdown; Check whether the external circuit is short.

It is possible that the thyristor with bridge arm on the inverter side is not triggered to conduct.

We can check whether the inverter trigger pulse is normal, whether the thyristor trigger power is too large.

The pressure Angle is too small to turn off the thyristor.

Can increase the inverse pressure Angle, increase the reserve time, so that the thyristor reliable tube broken or increase the load circuit capacity, reduce the frequency.

The short circuit of the load furnace ring to the ground or between the ties will cause the operation of the three bridge arms, resulting in overcurrent.

During the work, the external conditions of the inductor and crucible must be supervised to prevent someone from touching the inductor and cable after power transmission, which will affect the normal operation of the intermediate frequency furnace or safety accident.

It is also necessary to pay more attention to the daily use of the intermediate frequency furnace.

For example, when maintenance, should keep the medium frequency generator room clean, it is prohibited to pile up inflammable and explosive items.

The furnace with excessive melting damage should be repaired in time. When filling the furnace, iron filings and iron oxide should be avoided to ensure the density of the crucible.

This is our share today. I hope it can be helpful to you. Welcome to pay attention to Luoyang Hongteng for more information about intermediate frequency furnace.

Video of the use process of the furnace

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