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If induction furnace at work, we can understand the details

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-10-31

The body of intermediate frequency melting furnace is mainly composed of induction coil, refractory material and magnetic yoke. The induction coil is wound by a hollow copper tube, which is then cooled by water.

Intermediate frequency furnace as a commonly used heating equipment, there are many details that the user needs to consider when using. Today, Hongteng editor gives you some suggestions on the purchase of intermediate frequency melting furnace for your reference.

Observe the model of aluminum capacitor

The importance of capacitor needless to say, in addition to checking the aluminum bar, observe the quality of aluminum shell capacitor is also an important matter when buying intermediate frequency melting furnace.

Common aluminum shell capacitors are divided into ordinary type, standard type and reinforced type. In general, you can distinguish between good and bad from the appearance standard, weight and so on. You can also ask the business what type of aluminum shell capacitor is used on the equipment, and then refer to whether it meets the quotation standard of the current equipment.

Check whether the circuit breaker is proper

Circuit breaker, also called “air open”, usually the normal operation of the equipment may be just a switch, and no great use, but once the equipment circuit failure, it will be an important gateway to protect the equipment, if the quality of the circuit breaker is not good, the consequences will be unimaginable.

Therefore, the benefit of circuit breaker is also a crucial standard when purchasing an intermediate frequency melting furnace. And distinguish the breaker is good or bad method is also relatively simple, generally on the right side of a wooden handle, since the circuit breaker model standard, generally DW10 and DW16. After checking, you can ask the electrician whether the circuit breaker equipped with the equipment is appropriate.

Observe the thickness of other copper pipe products

In addition to the copper bar, the medium frequency melting furnace, inside and outside there are a lot of copper products. After checking the above three items, don’t forget to also check the thickness of the copper products of the equipment. Generally good copper products can effectively reduce the power consumption and improve the efficiency.

The standard for distinguishing between the quality of copper tubes is the thickness of copper tubes. Under normal circumstances, the thin copper tubes will have the phenomenon of central depression in the bending, and the thick copper tubes will not appear this phenomenon.

The above is a small series for you to share some notes when buying an intermediate frequency melting furnace. Intermediate frequency melting furnace as a large casting equipment, such as quality problems due to accident, the consequences of unimaginable. So when you buy, you must choose carefully, check carefully, and choose the products of regular reliable manufacturers.

This is our share today, hope to help you. Welcome to pay attention to Luoyang Hongteng for more information about induction furnace.

Video of the use process of the furnace

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