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Start-up operation and shutdown operation of intermediate frequency furnace

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-09-13

When using the intermediate frequency furnace, in order to ensure the safety of use and the work rate, we must pay attention to the safety operation of the intermediate frequency furnace. Do you know the safety operation of the intermediate frequency furnace?

Today, the editor of Hongteng will let you know about it.

boot operation

Close the low-voltage switch frame switch of the incoming line, observe whether the three-phase incoming line voltage and ammeter indication are normal, and adjust the power adjustment potentiometer to a small value.

Press the control power on button, after 2 to 3 seconds, press the “main circuit on button”, and then press the “inverter start button”, the intermediate frequency power supply starts to work, at this time DC voltmeter, ammeter, intermediate frequency frequency meter, power meter There are instructions.

After the startup is successful, slowly adjust the power knob to the required power position, and input the power; if the intermediate frequency is not established (that is, the startup fails), press the “inverter stop” button to reset it, and then press “inverter start” again.

shutdown operation

When shutting down, first turn the power adjustment knob to the smaller position, and then press the “inverter stop” button.

If it needs to stop for a long time, first press “inverter stop”, then press the main current disconnect button, and then press the “control power disconnect” button.

The above steps cannot be reversed!

At this time, the intermediate frequency power supply and the internal circulating cooling water of the electric heating capacitor can be turned off (referring to stopping the operation of the circulating water pump of the system), and the internal and external circulating system of the furnace body should wait until the surface temperature of the furnace lining drops below 100 ℃. water runs.

When the cooling water is stopped in winter, it must be considered that the water in the pipeline will freeze and crack the water pipe. You can use methods such as heat preservation, draining water, adding water and ethylene glycol.

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Video of the use process of the furnace

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