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The importance of cooling water to intermediate frequency furnace

Author : Hongteng Time: 2021-12-23

In an intermediate frequency furnace, components that carry large currents, such as electric furnace coils, yokes, water-cooled cables, and power cabinets, all need water cooling. The cooling water system is a key system in the intermediate frequency furnace installation and an important part of ensuring the normal operation and safe operation of the equipment.

1. Equipment cooling requires water supply by water supply pressure and flow rate specified in the “Instructions for Use” of the equipment.

2. Use industrial softened water as much as possible-PH value: 7.2~8.03. It is best to supply water from a dedicated cooling tower for power supply cooling and furnace cooling. In particular, the power supply should be cooled by a water-water exchanger or a closed cooling tower.

3. As the acidity of the water and the content of calcium and magnesium impurities gradually increase, corrosion or scale will occur, which will affect the heat dissipation effect and service life of the heat exchanger. The cooling equipment should be cleaned in time to ensure that the induction furnace body is not damaged.

4. The inlet and outlet of the sensor and water-cooled cable should be equipped with pressure gauges, temperature gauges, and water pressure adjustment switches to monitor the cooling water system. When the value is lower than the set value, it can give an audible and visual alarm.

5. The electric furnace body cooling water main inlet pipe is equipped with a manual butterfly valve. In order to save energy and cool water consumption, the total amount of cooling water inflow is adjusted in winter and summer and during the two stages of molten iron melting and heat preservation to reduce cooling water. Take heat away from the furnace body and reduce power consumption.

Here are some informations of closed cooling tower, hope they can bring you help.

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