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The method of maintaining the rolls in the steel rolling machinery

Author : Hongteng Time: 2021-12-24

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All along, the plight of rolling mill product manufacturers is the maintenance of the main machine in the rolling equipment – rolling machinery rolls headache, the precise degree of grinding, whether to reach the scrap standard, how to choose the compatibility of replacement equipment, etc., have become several major problems plagued by customers, as such problems can not be solved in a timely manner, with the passage of time, the resulting loss of profits is incalculable.

The first is the grasp of the degree of roller sharpening and operating methods. As the rolls are in contact with the raw materials for a long time, it is bound to cause long-term friction and loss. From the degree of rebar rolling mill roll to the knife, if the conventional detector can not be detected, you can use the use of high viscosity grease, put on a layer, and then scrape off the surface layer of grease, you can basically determine the problem. Secondly, the criteria for scrapping is actually very vague, in the case of non-repairable, you can replace the rolls, to illustrate, matching the whole machine off the line to achieve the desired effect of production.

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