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Features of Hot-rolled Steel Rebar

Author : Hongteng Time: 2021-12-28

Hot rolled steel bars are hot rolling mill and naturally cooled finished steel bars, made of low carbon steel and common alloy steel pressed at high temperatures, mainly used for reinforcement of reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete structures, and are one of the most used steel varieties in civil construction projects.

Hot-rolled bars are 6.5 –9 mm in diameter, mostly rolled into coils; 10-32 mm in diameter are generally 6 to 12 m long straight rebars. Hot rolled steel bars should have a certain strength, i.e. yield point and tensile strength, which is the main basis for structural design. Hot-rolled machinery makes two types of bars: bare round bars and hot-rolled ribbed bars, which are mainly rolled according to different rollers. Our company mainly has continuous casting and continuous rolling mill and small capacity H-type horizontal steel rebar production lines, which can meet the needs of most customers.

Here are some videos of our products for your understanding and reference, hope they can bring you help.

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