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What role does the rolling mill play in the steel production process?

Author : Hongteng Time: 2021-12-31

It takes many processes to turn iron ore into steel rebar. After beneficiation, sintering, and blast furnace smelting, molten iron (or scrap steel) is smelted into molten steel by industrial electric furnace, then changed into casting billet by continuous casting machine, and then rolled into corresponding steel by rolling mill (wire rod mill, rebar rolling mill, hot rolling mill, billet mill and TMT rolling mill).

Billets from steel mills are only semi-finished products and must be rolled in steel rolling mills before they can become qualified products. The continuous casting billet sent from the steelmaking plant first enters the heating furnace, then enters the finishing mill after repeated rolling by the blooming mill.

Steel rolling belongs to metal pressure processing. Steel rolling plates are like noodles. After repeated extrusion and advancement by a rolling pin, the noodles become thinner and thinner. In the hot rolling production line, the rolled billet is heated and softened and then sent to the rolling mill by the roller table. After Sui, it is rolled to the size required by the user. Rolling is a continuous and uninterrupted operation, with a fast running speed of steel strip on roller table, high automation degree of equipment, and high efficiency. Steel ingots coming out of open-hearth furnaces can also be made into steel plates.

After heating the furnace and blooming, the billet can be sent to the hot rolling line for rolling. Generally, the thickness of the continuous casting billet is 150 ~ 250mm. It goes through phosphorus removal to blooming and enters the finishing mill through the roller table. The finishing mill consists of 7 4-high rolling mills. The speed measuring roll and flying shear are installed in front of the mill to cut off the head of the plate surface.

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