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The quality and price of induction furnace, the technology and service of the manufacturer

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-03-11

The price of induction furnaces is related to many factors, such as: equipment structure, component selection, technical content, and after-sales service quality.

In the market, induction furnaces produced by different manufacturers, even if the model is the same, the price will be very different. Today we will give you a brief introduction.

1. Furnace body structure: Users can choose the appropriate furnace body shell according to their own needs, such as aluminum shell furnace and steel shell furnace, and the prices of different materials are different.

2. Induction coil: used to heat the furnace body. The thickness of the induction coil copper used by each manufacturer may be different, and the price varies greatly.

3. Various components, such as capacitors, reactors, thyristors, and water cables used in electric furnaces. There are many different models of each component, and these models have different prices.

4. Manufacturers: The production process of each manufacturer is different, and the configuration of the induction furnace is different. For example, our Luoyang Hongteng induction furnace can realize one-key start and remote operation functions.

The price of induction furnaces of different quality will of course be different.

5. After-sales service: Regular manufacturers need to have sufficient capabilities to provide after-sales service of equipment to ensure the stable production of induction furnaces.

The above is the knowledge about the price of induction furnace shared by Luoyang Hongteng editor.

You are welcome to pay attention to us and let us solve more doubts about induction furnaces for you.

Video of the use process of the induction furnace

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