What’s the differences for IGBT furnace and SCR furnace ?

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-01-08

Some customers had confused about which induction furnace is better? Actually, we choose which electric furnace depending on the production capacity and material we use. Here we analyze the condition:

Frequency: IGBT belongs to the high-frequency power component and its working frequency is more suitable for > 8KHz; SCR belongs to medium frequency power component and its working frequency is more suitable for < 5KHz;

Material Size: IGBT is suitable for material dia <50mm; small piece material has better effect. SCR furnace is suitable for bigger size material.

Working Condition: IGBT furnaces better build an independent working room, because IGBT induction furnace working required stable temperature and a clean environment.1. Rolling mill machine working environment has many pollutions if working a long time together, may cause problems for the IGBT induction furnace. 2. IGBT is better for material appearance processing, not good at equipment rolling mill production line. SCR induction heating furnace is widely used in rebar rolling mill production line, have a good effect and higher working efficiency.

Furnace voltage: IGBT furnace Max voltage can reach 2600V, the higher voltage needs a bigger inductance-capacitance. that means the induction furnace body needs to be longer, more coils, keep the voltage stable and uniform. SCR heating furnace voltage only 750-900V, inductance-capacitance required only 30% of the IGBT furnace, that’s why SCR furnace body length is shorter.

So considering the above information, we can choose the right electric induction furnace for us.

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