What’s the relationship between the weight of the billet and the length of the steel bar?

Author : Hongteng Time: 2021-10-12

In inquiries, customers often mention I want a 1-2T/H rebar production line to make 8-32mm steel bars. In fact, this is an unreasonable solution requirement. In reality, we would not design solutions for customers in this way.

Because the steel bar production line below 5T /H usually using 40*40-60*60mm steel billets. Let’s take an example for the 60*60*1500mm steel billet, the weight of this steel billet is 42KG, and the weight of a steel bar with a diameter of 32mm and a length of 12M is 75.76KG. So this is the question: how do we use raw materials with a weight of 42Kg to make a finished product with a weight of 75KG? Obviously, it is impossible.

Therefore, for production lines below 5T/H, the most recommended range for the production of steel bars is 12-22mm diameter steel bars.

In addition, the size of the billet also affects the model of the rolling mill. The larger the billet, the larger the model and the more expensive the rolling mill is required.

The steel bar production line is a very flexible production line. We can customize the plan according to customer requirements.

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