What Determines the Cost and Price of an Induction Furnace?

Author : Hongteng Time: 2023-02-20

Induction furnaces are widely used in the forging industry and the casting industry. The induction furnace is divided into the induction melting furnace and the induction heating furnace. The inductive melting furnace is used to melt the metal, and the induction heating furnace is applied to metal ingredient heating. In the metallurgical and casting industry, an induction furnace has become an indispensable production equipment. So, what is the cost and price of the induction furnace? Why is the price of induction furnaces in the market a huge difference? Today, Luoyang Hongteng analyzes in detail for everyone.

Hongteng induction furnace price

  1. 1. First of all, there are countless manufacturers selling inductive furnace equipment in the market. The price of induction furnaces produced by different manufacturers will definitely be different. Even, sometimes the price of the heating furnace is very different, and the price is large and uniform. One of the important reasons is that each manufacturer’s pricing standards for the product are different.

  2. 2. The sensor furnace model is different and the price is different. There are many models of steel rod induction heating furnaces, and different models of steel rod heating furnaces are very different. For example, the price of the 1 ton induction furnace and the price of the 50 kg induction furnace will naturally be large.

  3. 3. The brands of steel rod induction furnaces are different and the price is different. Not only in the inductive heating furnace industry, but the product brands are also different and the price is different. In any industry, the price of the brand directly affects the price of the product. The same is true for induction heating furnaces. The price of large brands is very different from small brands. However, it is still recommended to buy strong-brand equipment.

  4. 4. The sensor furnace manufacturing process is different and the price is different. At present, there are many manufacturers of steel rod induction heating furnaces in the market. Different inductive heating furnace equipment manufacturers have different technical strengths. The production of steel rod induction heating furnaces is different, and the production costs are different. The steel rod heating furnaces produced are different. Welding, mechanical processing, assembly, and coating are required for steel rod induction heating furnaces. The technology and methods of each process are different, and their prices are different.

  5. 5. Different materials and configurations selected for sensor furnaces are different. The cost of materials is an important reason for the incomplete price of steel rod induction heating furnaces. In addition, the configuration of the steel rod sensor heating furnace is the same. If a set of steel rod heating furnaces use a lot of advanced configuration, at the same time, it will play a large role in the machine, and it will definitely be much higher in terms of price.

Due to the above reasons, the price of induction furnaces on the market will be very different. Luoyang Hongteng is a professional induction furnace manufacturer. Welcome everyone to come to consult.

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