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How to Scientifically Maintain the Stainless Steel Melting Furnace?

Author : Hongteng Time: 2023-02-17

The stainless steel melting furnace is an important piece of equipment for most steel mills. Its long-term safe use is inseparable from our scientific maintenance. So, how to scientifically maintain a stainless steel melting furnace? Today, Luoyang Hongteng is here to introduce it briefly.

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Several Points for Starting and Shutting Down the Stainless Steel Melting Furnace

In the early stage of use, the sintering layer is thin, and it should be used to avoid high-power delivery as much as possible. Excessive electromagnetic stirring is generated to cause injuries to the furnace. Usually, it does not exceed 60-80%of the total power within the first 48h.

After the work of the electric furnace, regardless of any reason, the cooling water system should be circulated by 4-5h, and at the same time, the temperature in the furnace is lower than 200C, otherwise, it will cause damage to the furnace lining and inductive coil and even scrap.

The method of cooling the furnace is the iron liquid, and the natural cooling or cooling down with a fan and a duct. The cooling furnace cooling is convenient for the next inspection to open the furnace.

Each time to start the furnace, you should clear the scum and iron on the stove’s mouth and repair the furnace’s mouth. Check the thickness of the furnace, whether the wall thickness is uniform, and whether there are horizontal cracks. If you have horizontal cracks, you must handle them carefully. It can be opened when it is safe.

After the melting of each furnace material is melted, the furnace should check the furnace condition in time to determine whether the furnace lining can continue to be used. Once the furnace condition is poor, it affects safe to use, and the oven should be stopped immediately.

At the binding of the furnace mouth and the lining, it is easy to cause cracks and leakage. Before melting, you should observe carefully and take remedial measures in a timely manner. Cracks> 2mm should be repaired in time.

When the thickness of the furnace is lower than 30-40mm, it should be stopped and must be removed.

After melting, there is generally no liquid steel left in the furnace, avoiding the furnace lining strain from the temperature difference between the upper and lower temperatures of the furnace, causing cracks.

How to Feed the Materials to the Stainless Steel Melting Furnace?

The first melting operation requirements of the cold stove lining: fill the stove with cold ingredients, and then slowly heat up at low power. After 2 hours, increase the power to melt normally. Therefore, the first meeting time is about 3 hours.

When adding the feeding, try to avoid smashing. After the cold furnace, the strength of the cricket is extremely low, and the mechanical feed is strictly prohibited. The artificial feeding should also be particularly careful to prevent the cracks from increasing, resulting in an increase in the possibility of metal liquid penetration and causing a leakage accident.

The order of various materials being added to the furnace during the melting process is: Add a kind of material with a low melting point and smaller element burning lost first. Then, add the materials with high melting points and larger element burning lost. Finally, add the steel alloy.

Pay attention to the feeding that the lining with oil must be dried after the oil can be dried, otherwise, the metal liquid will easily explode, and the humid furnace must be placed at the furnace’s mouth to bake and add it. Tube and other metal parts that are likely to cause explosion should allow them to open their mouths to discharge heating gas to avoid explosions.

To extend the service life of the stainless steel melting furnace, we must regularly maintain it scientifically. I hope this article will help everyone. If you are about how to maintain the stainless steel melting furnace, please contact us at any time. We will do our best to solve everyone’s problems.

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