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What are the advantages of steel shell furnace

Author : Hongteng Time: 2021-10-28

1) Durable, beautiful, especially large capacity furnace, need a strong rigid structure, from a safe point of view, furnace tilt, try to use a toughening furnace.

2) By inductive coil by transmitter and shielding function, the leakage flux is reduced, the magnetic lines generated by the silicon steel yoke improve thermal efficiency, increase output, and save energy by about 5%-8%.

3) The existence of a furnace cover reduces the loss of heat and improves the safety of the equipment.

4) Long life, alumina is more serious at high temperature, which leads to metal fatigue and toughness. In the foundry business field, we often see an old broken furnace shell about one-year-old, and the life of toughening furnace using aluminum is much longer than that of aluminum furnace equipment due to less magnetic leakage.

5) Safety performance steel shell furnace is much better than aluminum shell furnace, aluminum shell furnace is easy to deform and has poor safety due to high temperature and high pressure during smelting. Steel shell furnace adopts a hydraulic tipping furnace, which is safe and reliable.

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