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What Are the Ways to Increase the Output of the Rolling Mill Production Line?

Author : Hongteng Time: 2023-04-06

For the different rolling conditions, the specific measures to increase the output of the rolling mill production line are also different. However, in principle, it can be summarized as the following aspects:

1. Improve the utilization factor of the rolling mill and increase the operating time of the rolling mill.

(1). Reduce the maintenance time of the equipment, extend the life of the rolling mill and the parts of each unit (reinforce and maintain the parts), and reduce the number of maintenance under the condition of ensuring the safe operation of the equipment, and realize the maintenance method of complete replacement parts during the maintenance. Overhaul time.

(2). Reduce the time for roll change, increase the service life of the roll, and make the rolling mill as specialized as possible.

(3). Change the intermittent work system to the continuous work system, appropriately reduce the shift time and increase the working time of the rolling mill.

Continuous Rolling Mill Foundation Construction of 15000 ton per year steel rebar production line

2. Shorten the rolling rhythm time.

(1). Reduce the number of passes, increase the amount of reduction, or make the reduction procedures and load distribution of each pass reasonable.

(2). Correctly handle the speed system. When the reduction amount is limited by the biting capacity, a low rolling speed should be used. When there is no such limitation, a high rolling speed should be used to reduce the rolling time. With low speed on the billeting machine

(3). Improve the operation level of the steel rolling workers, make the auxiliary equipment of the front and back of the rolling mill work closely, and smoothly move and deliver the steel, which will reduce the gap time, reduce the consumption of electricity and rolls, and increase the rolling speed.

3. reduce the loss of hot rolling time.

(1). Strengthen the connection between each section of the rolling mill and adjacent workshops, so that all production works are in accordance with certain production procedures and schedules so that the hot charging rate and hot charging temperature of the raw material charging furnace can be increased.

(2). Eliminate weak links and improve operations to improve equipment and labor organization.

(3). Prescribe the working rhythm and time of the rolling mill, work out a reasonable rolling rhythm and time based on calculations and actual working conditions, determine the number of feeds per unit time, and maintain the rhythm of the feed,

(4). Reasonably increase the weight of the raw materials and determine the reasonable size of the raw materials, because the productivity of the rolling mill depends to a large extent on the weight and size of the raw materials.

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