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What is a horizontal rolling mill?

Author : Hongteng Time: 2021-09-16

At present, the horizontal rolling mill is the main equipment of small and medium-sized steel rolling enterprises in China. It is mainly used to produce all kinds of section steel rebar, wire rod, deformed bar, angle bar, and small steel billets. Its main features are:

1) A set of rolling mills is driven by a motor. The roll speed of each mill is the same, and the rolling speed cannot be increased with the increase of the length of the rolled piece, so the output is low, and the labor productivity is low.

2) That structure of the rolling mill is generally three-roll type or two-roll alternating type

3) That operation mode of the rolling mill is shuttle rolling or loop roll. Each rolling mill can roll several passes, with flexible deformation, strong adaptability, a wide range of product varieties, and easy operation.

4) That mill has simple equipment, low investment, and fast plant construction

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