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Where Is the Induction Heating Furnace Applied?

Author : Hongteng Time: 2023-07-13

An induction heating furnace is a kind of induction heating equipment for heating metal workpieces. When you need to heat a large number of metal workpieces one time by coal-fired heating, gas-fired heating, or electric furnace heating, the slow heating speed, poor heating environment, uneven heating temperature, and excessive scale will trouble you a lot. While the induction heating furnace won’t.

With the development of technology becoming maturer and maturer, the induction heating furnace not only has fast heating speed, low loss, uniform heating, and meets environmental protection requirements when heating metal workpieces, but it can also significantly improve the quality of metal workpiece heating. So, where else can the induction heating furnace be applied? Today, we are here to discuss the industrial application of the induction heating furnace with you.

Hongteng Induction Heating Furnace

Application of Induction Heating Furnace in Forging Heating Industry

The most common application of induction heating is heating before forging. Combining an induction heating furnace with the forging equipment to form an intelligent forging heating production line greatly improves the technical level of billet forging, stabilizes product quality, and reduces forging costs. It is an indispensable automatic heating equipment in the die forging industry. It has many advantages in heating workpieces, such as different gear shafts, automobile connecting rods, turbine discs, shafts, compressor blades, discs, and shafts. For metal workpieces with large amounts and relatively simple structures, we should first consider using induction heating furnaces for heating.

Application of Induction Heating Furnace in Hot Stamping and Hot Extrusion Industry

To reduce the low-pressure resistance of the metal and increase the plastic deformation, we will generally heat the steel plate or steel pipe in advance in steel plate stamping and steel pipe extrusion. An induction heating furnace is the best choice for heating equipment. At present, the hot extruded aluminum profiles after heating the more aluminum rods are the representatives. The induction heating furnace heats aluminum with fast speed and uniform temperature, which fully meets the needs of hot extrusion equipment.

Application of Induction Heating Furnace in Metal Heat Treatment Quenching and Tempering Industry

In the past, metal heat treatment mostly used coal burning, heavy oil burning heating, or electric resistance furnace heating. These heating methods take a long time to prepare, have a poor working environment, and are far from meeting environmental protection requirements. Therefore, these heating methods are prohibited by the environmental protection department. However, the induction heating furnace has the advantages of fast heating speed, less oxidation burning loss, a good working environment, and environmental friendliness, and has become the mainstream heating equipment in the metal heat treatment quenching and tempering industry.

Application of Induction Heating Furnace in the Metal Smelting Industry

In the metal smelting business, we mostly smelt scrap metal and cast it into castings. An induction heating furnace is currently the main heating equipment in the foundry industry, which can heat and melt waste alloy steel, stainless steel, alloy aluminum, copper, etc. Scrap metals are melted into liquids and cast into casting blanks in a vacuum or non-vacuum environment to meet the needs of mechanical equipment parts manufacturing.

Application of Induction Heating in the Welding Industry

Induction heating furnaces are also widely used in cutting tools, drilling tools, knives, woodworking tools, turning tools, drill bits, brazing cutters, reamers, milling cutters, drill bits, cutting teeth, steel camps, copper pipe welding, etc.

Induction heating furnaces are widely used in various industries for heating metals and other materials. Welcome to consult us if you have any questions about the induction heating furnace.

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