Which parts does the medium frequency smelting furnace consist of?

Author : Hongteng Time: 2021-11-15

A complete medium frequency smelting system usually consists of a furnace body, power supply cabinet, cooling system, capacitor, etc.

1. Furnace body: The furnace body part consists of the furnace frame, furnace body, furnace cover, the crucible, furnace tilting device, and power supply cable.

2. Power Supply Cabinet: There are three forms of power supply for a medium frequency smelting furnace: triple frequency converter, medium frequency generator set, and thyristor converter.

3. Cooling system: The parts that need water cooling in the medium frequency smelting furnace are the same as those in the power frequency furnace. The main cooling parts include sensors, capacitors, water-cooled cables, silicon-controlled converters, etc. Among them, the thyristor element needs demineralized water cooling to ensure the normal operation of the element.

4. Capacitor rack: Power Factor Compensation Device for Medium Frequency Smelting Furnace.

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