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Why does the electric furnace trip when it is in use?

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-04-07

A trip is a way for a power supply to protect itself when something goes wrong with a circuit. At this time, figuring out the faults in the circuit and solving these problems can make the circuit and power supply work normally.

Sometimes, users will trip while using the electric furnace. Why does this happen? Today, the editor of Hongteng will introduce to you the reasons for the tripping of the electric furnace.

1. Overcurrent protection, one is the phenomenon that the multi-current protection circuit operates due to the low setting value of primary overcurrent protection or secondary overcurrent protection. At this time, the current protection setting value should be amplified. The other is the phenomenon that the overcurrent protection circuit operates due to circuit interference. You can try to add a smoothing reactor to the circuit to weaken the circuit interference.

2. The damage of the potentiometer of the electric furnace or the voltage failure of the potentiometer usually leads to the occurrence of this phenomenon. When this phenomenon occurs, the potentiometer should be replaced in time.

3. The load is greatly increased, but the DC equivalent resistance of the load is too small, resulting in a low DC voltage and a large DC current, resulting in the phenomenon of subversion of the inverter circuit with difficulty in circulating current. At this time, we can try to replace the induction coil to increase the equivalent resistance of the load.

4. When the load is light, the DC voltage and the intermediate frequency voltage reach the rated value, but the intermediate frequency current is very small, and the intermediate frequency power cannot reach the rated value. When this phenomenon occurs, the capacitor capacity should be increased to improve the intermediate frequency power.

5. The withstand voltage of the electric heating capacitor is reduced or the electric heating capacitor base is discharged due to impurities such as dust, water and oil. At this time, the copper plate on the capacitor should be removed and tested with a 1000V megohmmeter. If it is not insulated, the dust, water, oil and other impurities on the base of the electric heating capacitor should be cleaned in time or the capacitor should be replaced.

6. Due to the short circuit between turns of the induction coil or the short circuit of the induction coil to the ground, the phenomenon of overvoltage protection circuit or overcurrent protection circuit action occurs. At this time, the induction coil should be checked to ensure that the coil turns are clean, and the arc powder and dust around the induction coil should be cleaned.

This is what Hongteng editors have summarized for you about the furnace repair, I hope it can help you. Of course, if you encounter some problems that are difficult to solve, you should go to a professional maintenance person to troubleshoot the problem.

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