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The Features and Applications of the Induction Heating Furnace

Author : Hongteng Time: 2023-04-20

At present, many metal heat treatment manufacturers use the induction heating furnace to heat the metal raw materials to be processed. So, what are the characteristics of the induction heating furnace? What are its specific applications? Today, Luoyang Hongteng will give you a detailed introduction.

Hongteng Induction Heating Furnace

Features of Induction Heating Furnace

1. The heating speed of heat treatment is relatively fast, the production and processing efficiency is high, the decarburization by air oxidation is less, and the production cost of raw materials and forging dies is saved.

Since the working principle of intermediate frequency induction heating is electromagnetic induction, the heat generated by it is formed by itself in the product workpiece. Generally, workers can start the continuous operation of the casting task 10 minutes after using the intermediate frequency electric furnace to work normally, and there is no need for professional workers to burn the furnace in advance. Carry out furnace firing and sealing operations. There is no need to worry about the waste of the billet heated by the heat treatment of the coal furnace caused by power failure or equipment failure. Because the heat treatment heating method has a relatively fast heating rate, it is very little oxidized by the air. Compared with a ton of castings and a coal-fired furnace, at least 20-50 kg of steel materials can be saved, and the utilization rate of raw materials can reach 95%. Because the heat treatment heating method is evenly distributed, the temperature difference between the core and the surface is very small, so the life of the forging die is greatly improved in the aspect of forging, and the roughness of the surface layer of the casting is also less than 50um.

2. Excellent working environment, improving workers’ working environment and corporate image, no pollution, and low energy consumption.

Compared with the coal furnace, the induction heating furnace is less likely to be baked and smoked by the coal furnace under the scorching sun and can meet the various targets and standards of the environmental protection department. In addition, it can improve the external image of the company and the future of the forging industry development trend. Induction heating is the most environmentally friendly and energy-saving heat treatment heating method in electric heating furnaces. The electricity consumption per ton of castings heated from room temperature heat treatment to 1100 ℃ is less than 360 degrees.

3. The heat treatment is evenly distributed, the temperature difference between the core and the surface is small, and the temperature control is high-precision.

The heat generated by induction heating is formed by itself in the product workpiece, so the heat treatment heating is evenly distributed, and the temperature difference between the core and the surface is very small. The temperature control system can be used to achieve precise temperature control and improve product quality and pass rate.

4. The melting speed is relatively fast, low power consumption, environmental protection, energy saving, less eddy current loss, and is easy to open.

The stability, reliability, and safety of the important machinery and equipment in the intermediate frequency diathermy forging and heat treatment production workshop are the guarantee for the normal and stable operation of the forging and heat treatment processing line in the assembly line.

Main Applications of Induction Furnaces

1. Pre-forging heating: used for pre-forging heating of gears, ring gears, half-shaft connecting rods, bearings, shackles, rigging, and other products;

2. On-line heat treatment heating: pipe anti-corrosion spraying, blue brittle cutting of bars, online quenching and tempering of steel (wire) pipes, etc.;

3. Local heating: U-bolt bending, roller thermal installation, steel pipe bending, and other production and processing heating processes.

The above are the characteristics and main applications of the induction heating furnace introduced by Luoyang Hongteng. Luoyang Hongteng is a professional manufacturer of induction heating furnaces, which can provide induction heating furnaces that meet your specific needs. Welcome to inquiry.

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