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Advice after buying a new melting furnace: How to save electricity?

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-08-22

The induction furnace we produce, the heating principle is the use of electromagnetic induction. Therefore, electricity consumption is a very important issue, which directly affects the output of the production line.

Generally speaking, electric furnaces with fast melting furnaces are more energy efficient than slow melting furnaces. The same set of equipment, the speed is slower than the power consumption. At the same time, attention should be paid to the timing and compactness of charging, the size of the furnace, etc. All these points can meet the optimal power consumption at the same time.

Furnace charging should take into account the ammeter, make the power supply as stable as possible, and maximize the output power of the power supply.

Remember that the temperature of the hot metal should be accurately controlled and the temperature of the electric furnace should not be too high or locally too high. This is not good for power consumption and the life of the lining. A good forehearth worker saves electricity and increases efficiency.

Select the appropriate furnace power supply. If the electric stove is too large or too small, it may increase the power consumption. The same large electric furnace can quickly save electricity, the same fast electric furnace can greatly save electricity, and high voltage saves more electricity than low voltage. Casting time also affects power consumption, preferably within 5-10 minutes.

Don’t try to use low-level equipment instead of cheap ones. Of course, this doesn’t have to be a high price. To keep costs down, some manufacturers cut corners and compete with lower prices, so the worse the materials used in the equipment, the bigger the losses. Without direct copper plating and using thin copper materials, the device will start to look the same, but the power consumption will be higher and higher.

The entry line is not economical and has to be large enough, otherwise, the long-term losses are staggering.

Get into good starting habits, get as full power as possible, and reduce warm or bake time. When the power is not full, the power factor is low and the loss is large.

Increase the utilization of the transformer. Doing so is equivalent to saving electricity. For example, a 630kVa transformer should be able to produce 13-15 tons of molten iron in 10 hours. If you can only produce 10-11 tons, then your average electricity price must be higher than that.

Oven and dry in a scientific way.

When drying, the cooling water of the induction coil should be turned off (one-third of the normal water volume can be done). It is best to supply water intermittently and keep the outlet water temperature above 55 degrees to promote the smooth discharge of water vapour and thus shorten the drying time. Some Stokers fail to pay attention to this and provide water properly.

As a result, as the water vapor exits the stove, it condenses back into the water when it encounters the cold copper pipes, making the stove long, power-hungry, and ineffective.

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