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Application of Electric Induction Melting Furnaces in Scrap Metal Recycling

Author : Hongteng Time: 2023-03-14

Electric induction melting furnaces is a kind of heating equipment, which is widely used in metal heat treatment, thermoforming, metal smelting, and other industries. Electric induction melting furnaces play an important role in melting scrap steel, scrap aluminum, scrap copper, and other materials and recycling the corresponding metals. Today, we will introduce to you the application of electric induction melting furnaces in scrap metal recycling.

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Recycling and reuse of ferrous metal scrap steel

Recycling, smelting, and reusing scrap steel to produce steel (short-process steelmaking) can reduce mine waste by 97%, reduce air pollution by 86%, and reduce air pollution by 76% compared to steel obtained from mining and smelting (long-process steelmaking). It can reduce water pollution by 40%, save 90% of raw materials, and save 74% of energy.

What are the sources of steel scrap in steel mills?

  • The steel scrap produced in the process of steel products and industrial manufacturing accounts for about 20-25% of the total scrap steel, mainly including the trimmed head, trimmed tail, chips, scraps, etc. of steel materials.

  • Various waste equipment, steel structural parts, “scrap” locomotives, vehicles, rails, automobiles, ships, tools, utensils, etc., also generate a large amount of “depreciation scrap”.

The scrap steel above can be used to produce recycled and reused to produce steel bars.

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Scrap iron and steel quality inspection is the first level of quality control for iron and steel enterprises before steelmaking production. The quality of scrap iron and steel directly affects steelmaking, the quality of the final steel bar, and the production cost of the enterprise.

Scrap pretreatment

Scrap steel resources are different, and the composition is very different. Before entering the electric furnace for melting, the scrap steel needs to be pretreated. The pretreatment of scrap steel can increase the input-output ratio of scrap steel and finished steel bars.

At present, there are three main types of scrap steel processing equipment:

  • Briquetting equipment. It is mainly used to deal with light and thin materials such as thin plates, wire rods, and chips produced in the machining process. After briquetting, it is convenient for transportation and improves the melting speed of the electric furnace.

  • Cutting devices, such as crocodile scissors and gantry scissors. It is mainly used to process heavy steel scrap and large components, which is convenient for melting in the furnace.

  • Crushing equipment, such as a metal shredder. It is used to process unsorted and mixed low-quality steel scrap to obtain broken steel with stable pure components.

Recycling of non-ferrous scrap metal

Using an induction melting furnace, 130kg of copper, 0.45kg of gold, and 19kg of tin can be extracted from a 1-ton circuit board. 100g of gold can be extracted from 1 ton of mobile phone waste batteries using an electric induction melting furnace. For ordinary gold ore, only 6g of gold can be extracted from 1 ton, and the maximum is no more than a few tens of grams.

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Luoyang HTGP is a professional manufacturer of electric induction melting furnaces for scrap metal recycling. HTGP Electric Induction Melting Furnace recycles waste metals from daily life and production, which not only reduces the exploitation of primary resources, but also saves energy, and realizes the sustainable use of resources.

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